Look through the list below for descriptions of the four
types of appointments at our practice.

  • Well Child Visits:
  • Sick Visits:
  • Get Acquainted Visits:
  • Consults:

Our physicians require that your child be seen for a complete well child physical examination as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The schedule of visits is listed below by age:

The 1st visit as directed by the physician at discharge.
Visit at 2 and 2 1/2 years of age, then yearly after that. Children with chronic illnesses and children needing sports physical examinations need to be seen at least every 365 days. The state requires that children who are middle school aged or older in sports have an exam April 1st or after in order to apply for sports during the school year. School, daycare, or sports forms will not be completed if the patient is not up to date on this well child schedule so please plan ahead so there will be time to have these examinations done.

It is in your best interest that your child be seen before antibiotics are prescribed and in light of that, prescriptions for oral antibiotics are not called in without an examination. Siblings brought in with another child will not be seen without an appointment, as this causes delays for patients who are waiting that have an appointment. Children will be seen on a walk in basis for emergencies only: this does not include routine sickness.

We offer get acquainted visits to expectant mothers and new patient families. Please call to request this complimentary visit.
On some occasions the physician will need extra time to address more complex medical issues. Please let our receptionist know all topics you wish to address so that the appropriate time may be allotted for your child’s appointment.

Call us to set up an appointment:  317-887-3344